Fish welfare

RSPCA Assured

farms operating to RSPCA standards

We’re proud to farm to RSPCA welfare standards; standards that set out best practice in the rearing and care of farmed salmon: from freshwater and marine, to harvest and processing.

Fish welfare

Fish survival

average annual fish survival

Our average end of crop survival for the last full farming year (2022) was 83%. This compares with less than 5% survival in the wild and brings our five-year average fish survival to 89%.

Fish welfare

Fish quality

superior grade

90% of all fish harvested in 2022 were graded superior quality, giving a strong indication of the high health and welfare status of our fish.

Fish welfare

Responsible medicine use

medicinal residue in our harvested fish

Our strict veterinary protocols have helped ensure the continued absence of medicinal residues with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate surveillance programme detecting no residues in our salmon destined for market.

Fish welfare

Minimal antibiotics

antibiotic use

By pursuing low to zero antibiotic use, we have gone beyond the RUMA target of 5mg/kg to achieve just 1.43mg/kg usage in 2022, administered via single treatment.

Fish welfare

Increasing knowledge

investment in applied research

Since 2013, we've invested £10.6M+ in collaborative and in-house research projects worth over £21.8M to help increase understanding of key fish health issues including gill disorders, sea lice and Saprolegnia.