It helps ensure that no additional risk or threats are brought into an area, be it one of our freshwater hatcheries, marine farms or processing facilities.

To help maintain the highest levels of biosecurity, we have strict procedures in place. These procedures apply to everyone: from department staff and any colleagues visiting from other departments, to contractors, regulators, auditors, customers and any other authorised guest of Scottish Sea Farms.

Changing room at Barcaldine Hatchery

What to expect when visiting

We try hard to accommodate requests to visit our farms wherever we practically can. We’ve learned it’s one of the best ways for people to get a true feel for what we do and how we do it.

As with any working farm or facility, it’s important to take special care, both for your own safety and that of our farm teams and livestock.

So when visiting one of our freshwater hatcheries, marine farms or processing facilities, we will ask that you:

  • Agree the time and date of your visit in advance
  • Refrain from visiting another facility or farm in the 48 hours preceding your visit unless given prior approval to do so
  • Adhere to all company Covid measures provided ahead of, and during, your visit
  • Follow the visitor sign-in procedure on arrival
  • Wear the disinfected personal protective equipment (PPE) and/or workwear assigned to you for your particular location
  • Remove all jewellery
  • Leave behind all personal equipment that can’t be easily disinfected. This is likely to include mobile phones, cameras and other recording equipment
  • Use the hand sanitiser and footbaths provided
  • Stay with your designated guide throughout.

All of which will help prevent the inadvertent introduction of potential risks or threats to fish or human health.