Helping support that personal growth, we’re constantly growing our network of local and national skills partners.


The result is a range of learning journeys, tailored to different ages and life stages.

Soon-to-be school leavers

Aquaculture Academy
Ideal for: soon to be school-leavers considering their career options

Designed in partnership with Argyll College UHI, and currently being piloted with secondary schools in the surrounding areas, our Aquaculture Academy combines classroom teaching with practical elements including time out on farm and around core business departments, as well as coaching in key life skills such as how to interview well and write a job application that stands out from the crowd.

The aim is to give students an insight into the careers available within the sector at an earlier stage in their decision-making and an idea of the level of support on offer within Scottish Sea Farms.

Photo courtesy of Orkney Photographic

Just starting out

On-the-job training
Ideal for: those new to the sector or company

There’s nothing quite like doing a task to learn a task and we offer all manner of on-the-job training tailored to each role and department, supported by regular toolbox talks to keep the team refreshed and up to date with the latest best practice and developments.

Modern Apprenticeships
Ideal for: those looking to work their way up through the different roles

While many of our farm managers have worked their way up through the different roles via on-the-job training, others have undertaken a Modern Apprenticeship in Aquaculture which is available in a range of levels: from beginner to more advanced to degree level.

Modern Apprenticeships aren’t just for our farm teams. They’re available in a range of other relevant subjects, from Business Administration and Management to IT, Digital Applications and Customer Sales.

Looking to progress

Online short courses
Ideal for: those transitioning to a supervisory role

Looking to make the leap from colleague to supervisor or manager? We offer a range of short courses to help make the transition as smooth as possible: from support with prioritising tasks, managing time effectively or help with budgeting and financials, to tips and advice on how to communicate effectively and manage a team.

One to one coaching
Ideal for: those with a specialist role requiring more tailored support

For those employees whose role is highly specialist, or who are looking to progress into one specific area, one-to-one coaching can be a great alternative to general training, with scope to shape content and timescales to an individual’s particular circumstances.

Aspiring senior managers

Management Academy
Ideal for: those seeking to progress to a senior role

New to 2021, our Management Academy brings together development sessions, online courses and videos on a variety of subjects, offering a rounded overview of the specific skills and behaviours needed to be an effective team leader or manager.

Leadership Development Programme
Ideal for: those seeking leadership skills, interested in external training

Run by the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre and consisting of a series of tailored personal development sessions, the Leadership Development Programme combines personal development workshops, one-to-one coaching and special projects to help shape confident, commercially aware future leaders. Interested? You can read more here.

Photo courtesy of the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Measuring our progress

Helping make sure all training is as targeted and helpful as possible is our post-training evaluation process.

It gives employees the opportunity to feedback on how effective they found a course to be – from how the training itself was delivered to the learnings being applied in the workplace – enabling us to adjust the content wherever necessary.