It’s why we introduced our employee health and wellbeing programme several years ago now, offering a range of services, products and discounts to suit all ages and stages of life.

And it’s why we’ve kept on adding to it ever since, helping make sure that employees and their families have access to the support they need, when they need it.

Online support

Employee assistance programme

Our employee assistance programme,, offers help and advice with everything from work pressures, health concerns and money matters, to family issues, legal disputes and consumer rights.

Support can be accessed online or by speaking to an advisor via the freephone number. There’s also the option of one-to-one counselling and coaching.

My Health Assured app

Designed by the same team behind the Health Assured Employee Assistance website, My Health Assured gives you all the same benefits and more – with all the speed and convenience of an app.

Available to employees and their families, there are articles, videos, mini health checks, mood trackers and a live chat function offering direct access to qualified counsellors.

There’s also a range of member discounts and incentives: from fitness equipment and activewear, to online classes and healthy eating.

In-person support

Company nurse

Sometimes, nothing beats face to face medical advice whether it’s for something specific such as an eye or hearing test or general health MOT, or to discuss a matter in confidence.

Scottish Sea Farms employs its own occupational health nurse, making it easier for busy employees to access this support in company time.

One-to-one advice

Whether you want to move role but need help finding available accommodation or are worried about your finances or personal matter, our HR team is here to help with one-to-one support and practical advice.

Employee savings

Cycle to work scheme

With our Cycle to work scheme, we’ll cover the cost of a bike and any accessories up to a total value of £1,000, enabling employees to pay back the cost over a more manageable 24 months – interest free.

Discounted gym membership

We want to make joining a gym more affordable for employees which is why we offer to pay 60% towards the cost of membership, up to a maximum of £20 per month, with the remaining 40% deducted from the employee’s salary over the 12-month membership term.

Prescription glasses

Helping encourage employees to keep their eye health up to date, we’ll pay £50 towards the cost of one new pair of prescription glasses every two years. (We’ll also cover any eye test costs.)

Garmin tracker discounts

Experience tells us there’s nothing like tracking progress to keep motivation up. So to encourage employees to get – and stay – more active, we offer 20% off the cost of a Garmin tracker, with three levels of tracker to choose from.

Social media policy

Being ‘nice’ is a much under-rated quality.

Just by being nice we can encourage openness and trust in others, bringing all sides of a subject to the table to debate, listen, reflect, share, problem solve and quite possibly achieve more collaboratively than individually.

It’s a behaviour we encourage within Scottish Sea Farms and it’s a behaviour we always try to adopt with others outside of the company. So, it’s only natural that we expect to be shown the same simple courtesy in return.

Blocking people from our social media pages or deleting their comments doesn’t seem very nice, nor does it feel very nice, which is why it’s something we are always reluctant to do, even if the comment posted is something we disagree with or know to be inaccurate or false.

However, when people forget their ‘nice’– whether by making unfair or unfounded allegations or by using hurtful, offensive or abusive language – then we reserve our right to withdraw from their presence just as we would if we were addressed that way in any other setting in life.

It’s our way of protecting our team’s mental wellbeing from the impact of sustained verbal abuse or bullying and ensuring they feel safe and respected as they go about their work.