Feed ingredients

25 : 75
marine vs plant-based/others (SSF diet)

Across all our fish diets in 2023 - freshwater, marine and Label Rouge - we used just 30% marine ingredients vs 70% plant-based/others.


High-tech feeding

46 out of 46
active farms have camera-monitored feeding

By investing in camera-monitored feeding systems at our marine farms, and by matching feed portion to fish appetite, we're committed to minimising any wasted feed.


Fish containment

fish escapes in the last 12 months

Good farm practices, ongoing investment in rigid new netting systems and attentive husbandry have been instrumental in helping ensure no confirmed fish escapes in the last 12 months.


Greener energy

mains electricity from renewable sources*

In addition to trialling the potential of hybrid power systems to reduce diesel use, we’ve also switched to 100% renewable sources for our mains electricity. (*Once existing contracts end for ex-Grieg Seafood Shetland farms acquired in 2021.)


Reducing plastics

polystyrene boxes saved

By switching to returnable, re-usable bulk bins wherever safe and practical to do so, we’ve helped save 2.9M+ single-use polystyrene boxes since 2017.


Beach cleans

beach cleans in 2023

From the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean to lower profile efforts, our teams carried out 15 beach cleans in 2023, removing a mix of marine-related and general waste.